Dare Towe


The Jackson County Office of Economic Development recently launched a “Spend Local” campaign, unveiling its new logo across the region at the end of August.

The design – a curly, iron-rod post with an oval store sign hanging from it – is designed to represent the heart of Jackson County’s economy: small, local businesses that have built the community from the ground up.

The mind behind the design is Dare Towe, a Canton native and a second-year student in Southwestern Community College’s Advertising and Graphic Design Program.

“Dare was chosen to take on this project because she excels at listening to what the client wants and translating that idea into a beautiful and unique finished design,” SCC instructor Scott Clontz said. “Her innate ability to create logos with strong typography made her a perfect fit for the ‘Shop Local’ campaign.”

The one catch? It had to be designed within the week.

Clontz connected her with Tiffany Henry, director of SCC’s Small Business Center, who had been working closely with Rich Price, director of economic development for Jackson County. Henry gave Towe some photo samples and suggestions from Price to point her in the right direction.

“We are delighted to be able to partner with a student from SCC to design our logo for the ‘Spend Local’ campaign,” Price said. “By supporting local students and entrepreneurs with their respective endeavors, we are further emphasizing the importance of investing in local resources and building new business development capacity.”

Henry was also impressed with the student’s creativity and design.

“Dare is a very talented young student, and I’ve always said we have the best graphic design program around. Our students always impress me with their skill, professionalism and execution,” Henry said.

Towe says her dream job is to be on the graphic design team at Dollywood. While she considers herself to be a diverse designer, she appreciates a southern charm style in her work. She is expected to graduate in May.