The Jackson County Public Library is hosting local duo Swamp Rabbit Railroad at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 20 in the Community Room. This concert is free of charge.

Swamp Rabbit Railroad is a modern folk duo who carry on the rich tradition of folk music, while adding to it. This husband and wife team are known for their standout vocal harmonies.

They perform a refreshing range of captivating original songs influenced by songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen and have performed extensively across the southeast. In December of 2017, the duo released “Down by the Riverside” with producer, Akil Thompson Little Big Town) and plan to release more original tracks this year.


The Library is hosting speaker Cornelia Powell at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the Community Room.

In celebration of the Suffrage Centennial in the United States, from June 2019 (100 years after Congress passed the 19th Amendment) to August 2020 (100 years after it was ratified), guest speaker, writer and fashion historian Powell presents “Dressed to Protest: What Women Wore to the Revolution.”

With entertaining stories and historical images, Powell shows how, in the decades-long campaign for the vote, women used costume as “political armor.” Fashionista and UK suffrage leader Emmeline Pankhurst, like many of her American counterparts, encouraged their followers “to use their style to further the cause – to be the most elegant ladies in the public sphere.”

Sharing ways that fashion shaped a revolution (with topics from “losing the corset and gaining the vote” to “the little white dress and other costumes of the resistance” to “hats and feathers in the voting booth”), Powell sets the tone of a time and place in history – and what women wore while changing it.

As a writer and popular guest speaker, Powell shares captivating stories of goddess legends and bridal mythology, royal ceremonies and rituals of the heart, costume history, women’s history and creative self-expression – all combined with a hint of cosmic mystery.

Her latest book, “The End of the FairyTale Bride: For Better or Worse, How Princess Diana Rescued the Great White Wedding,” spotlights the archetypal princess’ influence on the world of weddings and the lingering effects of the “princess myth” in popular culture.

Powell has been the keynote speaker at the prestigious Winterthur Museum in Delaware; on Biltmore Estate in Asheville; at the Goodwood Museum in Tallahassee, Florida; and at other venues around the country.

These events are co-sponsored by the Friends of the Jackson County Public Library. For more information, please call the library at 586-2016. The Jackson County Public Library is a member of Fontana Regional Library (