By Beth Lawrence


No charges have been filed following an early morning accident that left a pedestrian dead.

Tyler Randolph Eugene Williams, 35, of Whittier was killed when he was struck by a car in Dillsboro Friday.

The accident occurred on Haywood Road at 2:39 a.m. when a Ford Fusion driven by Jason Perri of Sylva struck Williams.

Sgt. Ray Blanton of the N.C. Highway Patrol, believes the accident was unavoidable.

“(Williams) was lying in the eastbound travel lane, and a vehicle traveling east ran over him,” Blanton said. “It was extremely dark; the road was not lit, and the victim was wearing all dark clothing.”

Authorities do not know why Williams was allegedly lying in the road or whether he was conscious at the time of the accident but are certain he died as a result of being struck. 

“The information we have received from the medical examiner is that he was killed by the vehicle,” Blanton said.

The medical examiner performed a toxicology assessment on Williams, but it could be a few months before the results are known. Blanton does not have reason to believe Williams was intoxicated. He also does not have information as to whether Williams had prior medical conditions.

The accident was presumably reported by Perri. Transcripts of the 911 call show the caller was in distress.

“Hello I, I um, (faintly) I just ran somebody over who was laying in the road,” the transcript reads.

The caller explains to dispatch that the accident occurred just past Huddle House near the recycling center.

He offers to turn the vehicle around and return to the spot.

“Yeah if you can, if he, do you know if he’s breathing,” dispatch asks. “Is he still laying in the road?”

“Um, it was right there laying in the road,” the caller said. “And then I turned around, and it looks like there’s quite a bit of uh, like blood going across the side of the road, so maybe he’s been there for a while.”

The dispatcher tells the caller he doesn’t have to go exactly to where the body is but help is on the way and to stay nearby.

“Somebody should be there real quick?” he asks.

The dispatcher reassures him help is being sent, and the call is disconnected.