By Dave Russell


A California man on a bicycle was seriously injured Friday when he was hit by a car on Dark Ridge Road at the U.S. 23/74 underpass.

A 2007 Toyota Tacoma pickup driven eastbound by Emmett Baldwin, 18, of Sylva struck bicyclist Steve Parmenter, 62, of California, who was traveling westbound.

They sideswiped each other, but Crawford could not determine exactly what happened.

“There are no brake marks involved and we don’t have any witnesses,” he said. “The cyclist says he is in the right, the driver says he is in the right. As of right now, we’re unable to know who contributed to the wreck.”

Traffic was not impeded, Crawford said.

Harris EMS and Balsam Fire Department also responded to the scene. 

Parmenter suffered a broken pelvis and a broken arm, but nothing life-threatening, Crawford said.

Parmenter was taken via ambulance to Mission Hospital in Asheville. He was still hospitalized as of Tuesday morning.