By Dave Russell


Board of Education meetings are set for the Central Office for the rest of the year 

“Originally we had planned to have our Board of Ed meetings at schools and our principals were hoping to welcome y’all in and showcase their schools,” School Superintendent Dana Ayers said. “Because of our COVID-19 status we have been pulling those meetings back here to the boardroom.” 

The Dec. 14 meeting was set for Fairview Elementary, but Ayers asked the board to bring it – and the Board of Education meetings for the rest of the school year – back to the Central Office. 

“Since half of the year we have spent here and not visiting schools, I would really ask for action that we recall all of our board meetings here to the Central Office for the remainder o the year and we’ll try again next year to have them at the schools,” Ayers told the board. “That would ensure that we are equitable and give all the schools a chance to showcase themselves.”

A vote for the change passed unanimously.