Dana Ayers superintendent

March: Dana Ayers was named as the new superintendent of Jackson County Public Schools, bringing more than 21 years of experience in North Carolina public schools to the post. She previously served as chief academic officer for Asheville City Schools.

By Dave Russell


Like many businesses and other organizations around the country, Jackson County Public Schools has set out a figurative “HELP WANTED” sign.

According to School Superintendent Dana Ayers, it needs to be a big, flashing sign, as the situation is dire.

“I want to share a desperate need, and I say that with all sincerity,” Ayers told the Board of Education at last Tuesday’s meeting. “We have a need for key positions in Jackson County Public Schools. We are currently, actively seeking bus drivers, custodians and school nutrition staff.”

Schools are finding it “nearly impossible” to continue providing all services without much-needed staff, she said.

“If anyone is interested in these key positions, we can be flexible in scheduling hours, days, whatever needs to happen, but we need to fill these open positions that we have,” she said. “I ask that our community direct potential candidates to our website, call Sarah Wooldrige, call Teri Wallawender, call Cora Fields. Somebody will answer the phone if you are willing to come and help us fill those key positions.” 

Human Resource Coordinator Wooldridge can be reached at 586-2311. ext. 1943 and swooldridge@jcpsmail.org.

Director of Human Resources Walawender is at 586-2311, ext. 1925 and twalawender@jcpsmail.org.

Fields, who serves as administrative assistant to Ayers, Deputy Superintendent Jake Buchanan and the Board of Education, is at 586-2311, ext. 1924 and cfields@jcpsmail.org.

Job postings are available at www.jcpsnc.org/departments/human-resources.