Southwestern Community College and Western Carolina University officials have agreed to provide SCC the opportunity to deliver portions of the North Carolina – Basic Law Enforcement Training program at WCU.

The NC-BLET course is designed to prepare individuals with the prerequisite cognitive and physical skills required for certification as entry-level police officers and deputy sheriffs in North Carolina.

Eligible applicants who are sponsored by a North Carolina law enforcement agency, and who meet the requirements to attend a law enforcement training program, may apply to the training session. 

Sponsorship ensures that an applicant’s character is appropriate for the law enforcement profession, inclusive of personal history inquiries and a criminal background check.

The WCU Police Department will sponsor a select group of students to enter the program. Upon successful completion of their training, those students will be eligible for employment as part-time WCU police officers during their senior years.

Most lecture components of the program will be delivered at WCU while laboratories and practical exercises will be offered at SCC’s Public Safety Training Center in Macon County.

For more information on any of the programs offered by SCC’s Public Safety Training Center, or for more information on the program, contact Curtis Dowdle, SCC’s dean of public safety training, at 306-7040 or