Planning is underway for the Glenville Area Historical Society’s annual Ice Cream Social on Saturday, July 31, at the historic Glenville Wesleyan Church.

Each year this event kicks off the year for the Society when attendees enjoy, usually, a beautiful sunny “Carolina blue” day and ice cream at a historical site. Attendees, a combination of GAHS members, prospective members and guests, will hear Pastor Ralph Campbell tell about the 100-year-history of the Glenville Wesleyan Church.

The Glenville Wesleyan Church is one of the premier historic sites in Glenville. The church, founded in Old Glenville, was moved along with other buildings when the dam that created Lake Glenville was built. The story of the rebuilding in New Glenville involves the historic Wiggins family and various stories of progress to present day.

The history of Old Glenville, resident life at that time, the building of the dam and the evolving of present day Glenville are all featured at the Glenville History Museum located next to Signal Ridge Marina in the heart of Glenville on N.C. 107. 

The museum is one way the GAHS preserves the rich history of the Glenville area. Much of the materials, information, artifacts and collections on view at the Museum are a result of members’ interviews with elderly residents, map research, document collection and historical research. One section of the museum features the geology of a different historic family each year.

The museum is open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. until October.

For more information call the Historical Society at 850-7022 or email