Above is a photo provided by Jerry DeWeese that shows the East LaPorte area in March of 1941. Thorpe Dam was under construction, and the pipes that are seen in the left side of this photo became the penstock that is on the right side of N.C. 107 near Glenville traveling South. The pipes also pass overhead going up Trout Creek Road. DeWeese, Hydro Generation Engineer for Duke, took the “now picture” last week. He says “The pipe laydown yard is now the county park and the construction office sat at what is now the Caney Fork Exxon location. The remainder, except for the ridgeline, is difficult to make out due to all the tree growth. I am sure that the trout in Caney Fork are faring much better in 2020 than they were in 1941. The house in the center of the photo is still there, between the road and the river, but out of sight in the now photo.”