STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF JACKSON IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE SUPERIOR COURT DIVISION FILE NO. 18 CVS 725 THE COUNTY OF JACKSON, a North Carolina body politic, Plaintiff, v. ALAN W. FRIDLEY and THE COUNTY OF JACKSON on behalf of GERALDINE FRIDLEY, Lienholder, Defendants. NOTICE OF SALE 1. The undersigned Commissioner, pursuant to that Summary Judgment and Order Authorizing Sale entered April 8, 2019, in the above entitled proceeding, will offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash on June 28, 2019, at 10:00 a.m. at the west emergency exit of the Jackson County Courthouse in Sylva, North Carolina, that certain parcel or tract of land in Hamburg Township, Jackson County, bearing parcel identification number 7563-06-7529, according to the Jackson County Mapping Office, and more particularly described as follows: BEING all of that certain parcel and premises containing 0.35 acres, as shown on a plat thereof prepared by W. Edward Hall, L.S., dated June 9, 1999, and recorded in Plat Cabinet 9, Slide 723, Jackson County Registry, to which reference is specifically made. ALSO BEING the same lands as described in that certain deed recorded in Book 1050, Page 273, Jackson County Public Registry, to which reference is specially made. Together with all appurtenances and subject to any and all easements, well rights, and road rights-of-way of record. The real property at issue shall be sold for the satisfaction of taxes, interests, costs and fees incurred by the Plaintiff, together with and subject to easements of record, but free and clear of all interests, rights, claims and liens whatever, except to any taxing units not party to this action in accordance with section 105-374(k) of the North Carolina General Statutes. No warranties, express or implied, shall be made as to the acreage contained in the above described tract of land. In addition, no warranties of title will be made and any interested purchaser desiring to ascertain marketability of title should perform or cause to be performed an independent title examination. This sale will be made subject to confirmation of the Court and will further be subject to the filing of upset bids as by law provided. The highest bidder at the sale will be required to deposit five (5%) of the amount bid with the Commissioner in cash or certified funds immediately upon the conclusion of the sale except no deposit shall be required of a taxing unit that has made the highest bid. If the Commissioner is unable to convey title to this property for any reason, the sole remedy of the purchaser is the return of the bid deposit. Reasons of such inability to convey include, but are not limited to, the filing of a bankruptcy petition prior to the confirmation of the sale and reinstatement of the loan without the knowledge of the Commissioner. If the validity of the sale is challenged by any party, the Commissioner, in their sole discretion, if they believe the challenge to have merit, may request the court to declare the sale to be void and return the deposit. The purchaser will have no further remedy. This the 17th day of May, 2019. Kelly Langteau-Ball, Commissioner RIDENOUR & GOSS, PA P.O. Box 965 Sylva, North Carolina (828) 586-3131 (828) 586-3763, 14-15e