The Invisible Man, from director Leigh Whannell, has been teased for a while and, even pre-release, seems like it could be 2020's best sci-fi horror.

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Leigh Whannell's The Invisible Man could be the first truly great horror film of 2020, and the best sci-fi horror movie of the year.

Known to genre fans for writing or directing numerous films, such as Saw (one through three), the Insidious franchise, Dead Silence, and Cooties, as well as numerous acting roles within the sci-fi and horror genres and beyond, Whannell has established himself as an icon within the genre. Blumhouse's attachment to The Invisible Man, which could boost the studio into picking up more within the Dark Universe in the future, solidified it as a must-see film in 2020 for many horror fans. Even so, the majority of horror releases this year have been disappointing on many levels. Blumhouse's most recent release, Fantasy Island, tried to cross elements of science fiction with horror, but failed to capitalize on the core of either, hence it falling flat.


  • Occurred Friday, February 28th, 2020 — all day