How does any artist explain why they do what they do? Moreover how audacious when someone labels themselves as an artist.   At the age of 65 having brushed hundreds of gallon of paint on paper Pamela Haddock accepts the fact that she is an artist.   

Her journey began as a child with the gift of a ready supply of paper at her disposal.   Her mother recognized that Pamela  was well occupied when paper and pencil supplied  a distraction. In those implements she developed  a skill that she would pursue in every aspect of her life.  

Her drawing progressed to painting.  Thirty two years ago Pamela took her first watercolor class and thus begins what is the rest of her story.   

“I remember the instructor though not his name!” she laughs “ he taught us about eight different ways to make gray -the recipes for which I remember to this day. Though at the time I could not imagine why it was important to make gray.  Frankly that seemed like something to avoid when you were in love with color.   It turns out good grays make a painting, complementing and placing emphasis on the colors you want to highlight.   At the time, as a beginner it made no sense.   Now I am very thankful for the information.”

Pamela is a signature member of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina.  She is a member of the Georgia Watercolor Society, the Southern Watercolor Society and the South Carolina Watermedia Society.  She has won awards in national and statewide shows, teaches workshops in wet on wet watercolor techniques and is Chairman of Jackson County Visual Arts Association in Sylva, North Carolina housed at Gallery 1 on Main Street.

Eight years ago she began exploring a new aspect of watercolor by applying it on plate surfaces.   The results were surprising, emotional and some have said spiritual.   The process is something she created  - willing to to accept potential failure.  She is featured for this work in local galleries, including Woodlands Gallery in Hendersonville, Twigs and Leaves in Waynesville, Tsartistry in Franklin and Gallery 1 in Sylva.   

On October 4th there will be  reception for the opening of her show at Gallery 1 at 604 W. Main Street Sylva, N.C.    The work presented is created on Yupo paper and Claybord by Ampersand.   The advantage of plate surfaces while unpredictable is that the watercolor sits on the surface allowing all the chroma  of the watercolor to be used to its best advantage.   Once the painting is completed it is sealed with a UV/UVA acrylic sealant and then sealed again with a wax that provides maximum water resistance.  

Pamela loves to work big, wild, loose and make the most of abstraction while still suggesting detail pulling the viewer in to scenes that celebrate Western North Carolina.   The show will be housed at Gallery 1 for October and November.  The gallery is open Thursday and Friday 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and Saturday from 12:00-4:00. 

The reception on Friday, October 4th will begin at 5:00.  Refreshments will be served and attendees will have an opportunity to meet the artist along with the other local artists whose work is featured at Gallery 1.

Look for Pamela’s work at, her Facebook page and Instagram.


  • Occurred Friday, October 4th, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm


Gallery 1 Sylva, NC

604 West Main Street
Sylva, NC 28779


Pamela Haddock