By Patrick Clemons


As the first week of November comes to a close, family members are starting to feel the pressure of what home-cooked meal they will bring to the table this Thanksgiving.

Uncomplicated Kitchen plans to help ease the stress of holiday cooking with three free virtual Zoom sessions throughout November.

“From butterflying, roasting and carving the most perfect turkey to creamy mashed potatoes and from-scratch gravy and even pumpkin swirl brownies, participants will learn seven affordable and delicious recipes plus a bunch of helpful kitchen skills along the way,” said Jenna Kranz, Uncomplicated Kitchen founder.

Uncomplicated Kitchen, established in 2019, was visioned to improve food security in Jackson County and beyond through hands-on culinary education outreach. Since its founding, they have taught meal planning, smart grocery shopping and cooking. COVID-19 changed their plans, but they have quickly adapted.

“Since the pandemic, we’ve been doing a lot of Zoom classes,” Kranz said. “Whether people shop at the farmers market, grocery store or receive food through charitable organizations, we want to show that eating well can be affordable and simple.”

Uncomplicated Kitchen’s Thanksgiving series occurs on the first three Thursdays of the month. Participants will learn how to perfectly roast and carve a turkey and create side dishes to round out the experience.

Thursday, Nov. 5 – veggie stuffing, orange spice cranberry sauce.

Thursday, Nov. 12 – creamy mashed potatoes, from-scratch gravy.

Thursday, Nov. 19 – pumpkin swirl brownies.