Fitzallen Eldridge Art

The Fitzallen Eldridge Artist Reception will be held today (Thursday) at the library.

The Jackson County Arts Council will host the Fitzallen Eldridge Artist Reception at the Rotunda Gallery of the Jackson County Public Library from  5:30-7:30 p.m. today (Thursday).

The work consists of both oil paintings and fused glass.

“COVID-19 forced me to become isolated, and I found myself home with little to do,” Eldridge said. “I had created a studio but had used it very little except to teach a couple of students. While I was working with an adult student I discovered the need to demonstrate, and I decided to use the imagery that floats around in my mind’s eye to create my own compositions, and thereby demonstrate what I was trying to get the student to do.”

Each piece was produced between March of 2020 and the present. The paintings are a reflection of things Eldridge is passionate about: the garden, the national parks and horses 

Eldridge’s work will be shown in the Rotunda Gallery through November. At the reception the community has a chance to interact with the artist.