The Jackson County Arts Council is accepting applications for Grassroots sub-grants. The council administers the Grassroots Arts Program Grant in accordance with current guidelines, policies and requirements outlined by the N.C. Arts Council. Funding for these sub-grants comes from the N.C. Arts Council, a division of Natural & Cultural Resources.

The Grassroots Arts Program sub-grant provides financial support for Jackson County community groups and nonprofit organizations that offer programs and projects that enhance the arts for county residents. Grassroots Sub-grants are awarded to organizations in all cultural disciplines through a competitive application and review process. The applicant organization must be based in Jackson County and produce its programming in Jackson County.

Sub-grants are not awarded to support fundraising activities. Grassroots grants are matching grants that must be matched dollar-for-dollar by the receiving organization.

The council is required to spend a set percentage of Grassroots funding on multicultural programming that reflects African-American, Asian-American, Latino and Native American cultures.

To qualify for a Grassroots Multicultural Sub-grant, the artist or presenter and the content of the art material should belong to one of the groups listed above. Any organization can apply for multicultural funds to conduct art programs/events that meet these standards. Fill out the regular application for multicultural funding. 

Grassroots sub-grants are intended to: 

• Provide modest funding for events/projects and publicity/advertising for artist groups/artist organizations that will enhance the presence of art events in Jackson County.

• Support opportunities for Jackson County residents to participate in new and thought-provoking art events in music, visual art, theater, dance and literature.

• Celebrate the traditional arts and cultures of Jackson County as well as the multicultural aspect of arts in general.


Examples of typical programs funded:

• Performances.

• Art exhibitions.

• Artist residencies in schools.

• Classes/workshops.

• Art walks/studio tours.

• Festivals.

• After-school arts programs/art camps.

• Arts marketing including website development and research.

Interested organizations can obtain application information at or by email at The deadline for applications is Sept. 15.

For more information contact the Jackson County Arts Council at 507-9820 or by email at