lord monte

By Kelly Morgan


During quarantine, 18-year-old Cullowhee resident Naomi Moore has finished her three-year-long project: writing a novel. In September, she will publish her first book, “Lord Monte: The Journey From Nothing to The Throne.”

Moore graduated high school this spring after being homeschooled for her entire education. For her senior project, she wrote this book.

“I’ve always wanted to write a book. I’ve probably been writing since I was four,” Moore said. “I’ve read a lot of young adult fiction, and it seems to kind of repeat itself. I wasn’t seeing what I wanted to read. I was like, ‘well, I have to write what I want to read.’ So I decided I was going to write something.”

The inspiration for Lord Monte came to Moore in a dream in late 2016. However, she didn’t begin actively writing the book until mid 2017.

“The title kind of says it all: Lord Monte, and his journey from nothing to the throne,” she said in reference to the novel’s subject. “It comes from three different points of view, and it’s based in the Middle Ages. I really wanted to tell a story that would stop people from judging a book by its cover, judging a person only by what they can see. I wanted people to get a glimpse of a backstory and what it takes for someone to get to where they are, even if where they are is a bad place.”

Moore will attend Southwestern Community College this fall. She hopes to publish a sequel in 2021.

She is publishing Lord Monte through Pearly Gates Publishing. It became available for preorder on their website Monday.

On Sept. 10, it will be available for purchase in either ebook or print format everywhere books are sold. She will host a book signing party Oct. 10.