Christy Alexander Hallberg and Meagan Lucas will visit City Lights Bookstore at 5 p.m. Friday to discuss Hallberg’s new book, “Searching for Jimmy Page.”

In this debut novel, the unraveling of 18-year-old Luna Kane’s haunted past begins in the winter of 1988, when her dying great-grandfather, a self-proclaimed faith healer, claims he hears phantom owls crying in the night. His words trigger Luna’s repressed memory of her dead mother’s obsession with Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin’s guitar wizard.

Desperate to learn the truth about her mother’s suicide, to tease fact from family lore in order to weave her own personal narrative, Luna embarks on a pilgrimage from her family’s farm in the pines of eastern North Carolina to England, to search for the man whose music her mother held sacred, Jimmy Page.

Hallberg teaches literature and writing online at East Carolina University. She serves as Senior Associate Editor of North Carolina Literary Review.

Lucas is the author of the award-winning novel, “Songbirds and Stray Dogs.”

Masks are required to attend the event. To reserve copies of “Searching for Jimmy Page” and “Songbirds and Stray Dogs” call 586-9499.