By Beth Lawrence


The Sylva Herald obtained transcripts of the 911 call in the death of Danielle Hicks. The call came into 911 Dispatch at 9:31 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 5.

The caller tells the operator a woman, presumably Danielle Hicks, is lying on the shoulder of the of Union Hill Road.

“There’s a man trying to get her in the truck,” he said. “She’s been injured; there’s blood. I don’t know if she got hit, fell off the truck or what. He’s trying to talk me into getting her into the truck, and I don’t feel comfortable doing that. He wants to take her to the hospital, and she’s lying, appearing to be unresponsive on the side of the road.”

He tells the operator he is afraid and does not want to help the man, presumably Billy Hicks, and that Hicks asked him not to call for help.

He alternately talks to Hicks and the operator informing Hicks help is on the way while describing Hicks’ activity including efforts to load the victim into the truck.

He repeats earlier statements about not knowing how Danielle Hicks was injured and not wanting to help put her in the vehicle.

The caller tells 911 that Hicks walked away down the side of Union Hill Road and later gives more information about Hicks’ activity.

“He went back over; he’s trying to drag her into the truck … There is something screwy with this,” the caller said. “He just threw something in the woods across the street from where he is at. I don’t know if it was something he didn’t want to be seen or what … It was something big as your hand or something. It wasn’t very big. It looked black.”

The caller continues to describe the scene eventually telling the operator that someone Hicks appears to know stopped and helped load Danielle Hicks into the truck. Billy Hicks drives away, and the caller follows him.

He alerts the operator when Hicks passes first responders on the road.

“It looks like he would have stopped for the damn ambulance because they know what the hell they’re doing,” he said. 

Eventually, the caller loses sight of Hicks.

“I am not able to keep up with him; I’m not going to kill myself trying to keep up with him,” he said.

Deputies catch up with Hicks and follow him to Harris Regional Hospital.