Funds from the Great American Outdoors Act would flow to Western North Carolina to improve national parks and other wilderness areas.


Appalachian Trail

The trail begins in Georgia, winds through North Carolina and several other states before ending in Maine. It is more than 2,180 miles long and brings hikers from around the world. Private citizens began working on the trail in 1921; it was completed in 1937.


Blue Ridge Parkway

Running through the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia, the Parkway is full of stunning views, overlooks and trails. It is 469 miles long and provides protection for a wide variety of plant and animal life.


Blue Ridge National Heritage Area

The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area encompasses the mountains and foothills of the 25 westernmost counties of North Carolina. It is filled with cultural, agricultural and historic sites of early settlers and Native Americans, a range of trails and diverse flora and fauna. It is home to Mount Mitchell, the highest mountain; Linville Gorge, deepest gorge; and Whitewater Falls, highest waterfall in the eastern U.S.


Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Extending from North Carolina into Tennessee the park is home to a wide range of plant and animal life, beautiful mountain ranges, rivers, waterfalls and historic sites like Cades Cove.


Trail Of Tears

The trail extends from Alabama to Oklahoma and runs through North Carolina. After broken treaties, the Cherokee Indians were removed from their native lands and forced to march to Oklahoma from 1838-39.