Tammy Hooper has done an incredible job as chief of police the past two years. Her emphasis on community policing has truly benefited Sylva’s residents. Tammy has been a wonderful chief, but we need to focus on her incredible career in law enforcement. Chief Hooper has been driven, professional and committed to making our community safer since before she came to work for the town in 1997. She consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. The town of Sylva is truly grateful for her hard work. Tammy is one of the most driven, dedicated and compassionate individuals you will encounter. Tammy is the type of officer that you would want to work your first fender-bender and a leader that you are fortunate (or blessed) to have working by your side.

– Sylva Manager Paige Dowling



Tammy has been my mentor. She has been a teacher, a friend, a leader. Not only the last two years, but throughout her career, the things she has accomplished within the community and in this department are totally amazing. I’m just glad in my life that I was a part of it, assisting her and helping get her ideas and dreams accomplished. She’ll be very much missed.

– Assistant Police Chief Rick Bryson



Tammy has been a wonderful police chief and officer and assistant police chief. I’m not sure I know everywhere she worked before coming to the town, but I understand she worked at many other places and retirement is well deserved after 30 years. That’s kind of unusual for someone as young as she is, but she has worked in public service for many years. I was glad we had her for the amount of time that we did. 

– Sylva Mayor Lynda Sossamon



Hooper’s gun will be presented to her at the 5:30 p.m. town board meeting at Municipal Hall today (Thursday). Refreshments will follow.