According to Wikipedia and various media reports, Zoom-bombing, or zoom raiding is “an unwanted, disruptive intrusion, generally by Internet trolls and hackers, into a video conference call.”

Generally, the interruption consists of insertion of material that is lewd, obscene, racist or antisemitic in nature. It typically results in the shutdown of the session.

The term is associated with and derived from the name of the Zoom videoconferencing software program, which has become a go-to online meeting platform as the COVID-19 pandemic has made in-person meetings impossible.

It has become a blanket term to refer to the phenomenon on other video conferencing platforms.

A simple Google search on the term brings up many examples of the phenomenon.

Newton County, Georgia attempted to hold a July budget hearing when the Zoom meeting was disrupted by profane words and pornographic images.

An Elkins Park, Pennsylvania synagogue hosting a Shabbat service in late June was interrupted by unfamiliar people joining the meeting and calling participants names. The harassment soon became anti-Semitic.