The following persons were arrested by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office between Feb. 10 and 23.

Fernando Esau Alvarez-Blanco, 18, Glenville, failure to appear: breaking or entering, simple affray, disorderly conduct on a school bus, assault inflict serious injury, break or enter a motor vehicle, larceny of motor vehicle, possess stolen goods/property, resisting public officer, disorderly conduct: school, possess marijuana paraphernalia, possess stolen motor vehicle, speeding, no operator’s license, reckless driving to endanger, first-degree trespassing enter/remain, consume alcohol less than 19, simple possess schedule VI, assault school employee/volunteer.

Zachary Martin Bombay, 25, Sylva, order for arrest: felony larceny, misdemeanor probation violation, misdemeanor larceny.

Robert Sylvester Brooks, 58, Sylva, FTA: possession drug paraphernalia, simple possession schedule II, felony possession schedule I, possess methamphetamine.

Latosha Leeann Burns, 18, Kings Mountain, FTA: simple assault.

Stephanie Hughes Byous, 39, Sylva, FTA: no operator’s license.

Ida Michelle Cisson, 42, Sylva, FTA: resisting public officer, identity theft.

Whisper Nicole Cogdill, 26, Glenville and Sylva, driving while license revoked – not impaired, FTA: possess drug paraphernalia/possess methamphetamine/possess CS prison/jail premises.

Jessica Gail Conway, 34, Cherokee, misdemeanor child abuse, possess heroin, possess drug paraphernalia.

Shelby James Davis, 28, Cashiers, probation violation, felonious larceny, breaking and entering.

Anthony James Elton, 54, Tuckasegee, failure to report new address: sex offender.

Emma Marie Evitt-Harris, 25, Sylva, FTA: retail theft under $1,500, conspiracy to commit felony larceny.

Dustin Shane Gilman, 39, Cashiers, no operator’s license, resisting public officer, flee/elude arrest with motor vehicle.

Colby Edward Henry, 23, Sylva, assault with deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.

Martinez Arturo Hernandez, 34, Cullowhee, FTA: driving while impaired.

Nicholas Arthur Homan, 37, St. Cloud, Florida, simple possess schedule VI (marijuana), possess drug paraphernalia, felony possession schedule II (methamphetamine).

Geilsha Irizarry, 29, Sylva, communicating threats, assault on a female.

Brandi Nichol Johnson, 33, Cherokee, FTA: possess methamphetamine, felony probation violation out of county.

Christopher Todd Jones, 33, Sylva, DWLR – not impaired.

Amanda Irene Keene, 33, Sylva, FTA: possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Philip Tyler Lamanna, 29, Waynesville, possess drug paraphernalia, possess methamphetamine.

Richard Marcus Lamb, 23, Whittier, assault on a female.

Rayelita Dawn Long, 27, Cherokee, felony probation violation. FTA: DWLR – not impaired, DWI.

Melissa Marie Loy, 42, Cashiers, FTA: DWLR, altered/fictitious/revoked drivers license.

Ryan Francis Mangold, 26, Cullowhee, FTA: DWLR.

Isarael Morales Martinez, 48, Cashiers, FTA: DWI, no operator’s license.

Tracey Lynn Manis, 52, Cherokee, FTA: DWLR – not impaired.

Wayne Jerry Mathis, 57, Tuckasegee, assault on a female, injury to personal property.

Jacqueline Beatrice Moore, 57, Sylva, simple possess schedule II, possess drug paraphernalia, possess methamphetamine, felony posses schedule II.

Steven Cody Moore, 28, Sylva, trespass, injury to personal property, larceny remove/destroy/deactivate component, FTA: second-degree trespass, injury to personal property, larceny.

Scotty Lee Nelson, 36, Whittier, misuse of 911 system.

Martin Gary Noone, 56, Whittier, FTA: DWLR – not impaired.

Daniel Ward Owen, 35, Sylva, child support purge, felony posses schedule II, possess drug paraphernalia.

Ethan Garrett Owen, 26, Cullowhee, failure to signal, possess drug paraphernalia, possess heroin, possession with the intent to manufacture, sell or deliver heroin.

Joshua Issac Robinson, 39, Sylva, child support purge.

Carol Ann Sanders, 29, Franklin, possess marijuana up to ½ oz, possess drug paraphernalia, possess marijuana paraphernalia.

Thomas Matthew Saxon, 44, Hardeeville, South Carolina, resist public officer, assault on a female.

Samuel Otter Sneed, 18, Whittier, FTA: first-degree trespass.

Anthony Ray Tuggle, 43, Whittier, fictitious info to officer, resisting a public officer, flee to elude, extradition/fugitive other state.

Scott Patrick Voyles, 30, Whittier, misuse of 911.

Daniel Wayne Warren, 37, Sylva, possess drug paraphernalia, simple possess schedule IV controlled substance.

Chad Ronald Leon Webb, 23, Sylva, FTA: possess methamphetamine, possess drug paraphernalia.

Lily Marie Webster, 33, Sylva, possess drug paraphernalia, possess methamphetamine.

Robert Lee Wheatley, 51, Cullowhee, Governor’s warrant Florida.

Christopher Ray Williams, 20, Cullowhee, sexual battery, false imprisonment, assault on a female.

Megan Dawn Wilnoty, 26, Cherokee, possess drug paraphernalia.

Laranzo Daniel Wilnoty, 33, Cherokee, misdemeanor larceny.

Travis Aron Zepeda, 23, Franklin, DWLR – not impaired, brake/stop light equipment violation, possess drug paraphernalia.