The following persons were arrested by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office between June 24 and 30:

James Robert Bagley, 44, Sylva – Assault on a female.

Billy Ray Barker, 41, Sylva – Failure to appear-wear seat belt-driver; FTA-misdemeanor probation violation out of county; FTA-driving while license revoked not impaired revocation; FTA-possess marijuana up to ½ oz.; FTA-possess methamphetamine; FTA-no liability insurance FTA-possess drug paraphernalia; FTA-possess marijuana paraphernalia; FTA-possess open container/consume alcohol passenger area; FTA-drive/allow motor vehicle no registration; FTA-cancel/revocation/suspended certificate/tag; FTA-fictitious/altered title/registration/card/tag; FTA-operate vehicle no insurance; FTA-expired/no inspection; FTA-DWLR impaired revocation.

Leslie Dominique Blakely, 37, Sylva – Georgia fugitive extradition/FTA-trafficking cocaine.

Joseph Gerald Cook, 39, Chattanooga, Tennessee – FTA-communicating threats; FTA-no operators license; probation violation.

Katrina Lynn Cook, 31, Cherokee – FTA-possess schedule I.

John Kelly Crisco, 22, Webster – Drug equipment violations; drug/narcotic violations.

Joshua David Deal, 44, Waynesville – FTA-expired registration card; DWLR impaired revocation.

Jimmy Wayne Edwards, 26, Sylva – Failure to complete community service; FTA-resist, obstruct and delay.

Rigoberto Amrocio Garcia, 25, Sylva – Driver left of center; flee/elude arrest with motor vehicle.

Joseph Brandon Hall, 25, Sylva – Assault on a female; assault with a deadly weapon.

Ernestine Roberta Hornbuckle, 25, Cherokee – Possess drug paraphernalia; possess heroin; possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver heroin.

Natasha Belle Kirkland, 31, Whittier – Possession of stolen property.

Matthew Paul Leonard, 39, Sylva – Child support purge.

Rayelita Dawn Long, 27, Cherokee – FTA-larceny remove/destroy/deactivate component; FTA-shoplifting concealment of goods; FTA-possess stolen goods.

Franky Travis Lynch, 39, Cullowhee – False imprisonment; assault on a female.

William Bryan Maney, 29, Sylva – Possess stolen goods; possess drug paraphernalia; possess methamphetamine; possess firearm by felon.

Daniel Deverex Maney, 55, Sylva – Possess marijuana paraphernalia; possess drug paraphernalia; possess marijuana up to ½ oz.; possess methamphetamine.

Angela Plummer Maney, 52, Sylva – Possess marijuana paraphernalia; possess drug paraphernalia; possess marijuana up to ½ oz.; possess methamphetamine.

Ryan Francis Mangold, 25, Sylva – FTA-possess marijuana paraphernalia; FTA-possess marijuana up to ½ oz.

Trace Lee Mason, 33, Tellico Plains, Tennessee – True bill of indictment/habitual felon; true bill of indictment/failure to report new address sex offender.

Brionna McKenzie Masters, 18, Sylva – Possess drug paraphernalia; possess marijuana.

Charles Thomas McCall, 51, Cashiers – Child support purge.

Timothy Jayson McCoy, 28, Cherokee – FTA-possess drug paraphernalia; FTA-misdemeanor larceny.

Natalie Louise Miller, 27, Hendersonville – FTA-assault on a government official; FTA-resisting a public officer.

Edgar Merales Paz, 30, Franklin – FTA-DWLR; FTA-possess methamphetamine, felony probation violation; three counts felony probation violation; DWLR; possess drug paraphernalia; possess methamphetamine; FTA-DWLR not impaired revocation; FTA-felony probation violation; FTA-possess methamphetamine.

Shannon Brent Powers, 38, Sylva – FTA-misdemeanor probation violation; FTA-possess open container alcohol passenger area; FTA-expired registration; FTA-DWLR not impaired revocation.

Cory Robert Pressley, 38, Glenville – FTA-carrying concealed gun and DWLR.

James Glenn Rhinehart, 46, Cullowhee – FTA-assault on a female, domestic violence protection order violation.

Christopher John Rice, 30, Cashiers – Possess stolen goods/property.

Kevin David Ritchie, 30, Sylva – FTA-fictitious/altered title/registration card/tag; FTA-DWLR not impaired revocation.

Rachel Marie Scillitani, 27, Asheville – Possess drug paraphernalia; possess schedule III controlled substance; possess methamphetamine; possess heroin.

Alexander Dover Scott, 48, Sylva – Possess drug paraphernalia; possess marijuana.

Samuel Wahnetah, 24, Cherokee – True bill of indictment-FTA on felony.

Diamond Spring Wolfe, 24, Sylva – FTA-possess schedule II CS; FTA-assault inflicting serious injury.

Mark Anthony Wood, 30, Sylva – FTA-possess methamphetamine; FTA-possess drug paraphernalia.

Cody Douglas Woodard, 25, Cherokee – Assault on a female.

Jose Luis Zalapa-Silva, 23, Cashiers – FTA-possess drug paraphernalia; FTA-possess methamphetamine.