The following persons were arrested by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office between Sept. 24 and 30:

Keonta Monteece Ardrey, 39, Whittier – Failure to appear for impeding traffic.

William Matthew Benefield, 34, Sylva – FTA for simple worthless check.

Raymond Harold Bobbitt, 47, Whittier – Intoxicated and disruptive; resist, obstruct or delay; habitual felon; assault on a female.

Jackson Rowland Brown, 37, Balsam – Breaking and entering-forcible; assault with a deadly weapon.

Deborah Sue Connolly, 28, Sylva – Fraud-obtaining money/property by false pretense.

Michael Lee Cooper, 54, Sylva – FTA-resist public officer, traffic violations, possession of drug paraphernalia, felony possession of Schedule II controlled substance, unauthorized use of motor vehicle, misdemeanor larceny.

Toby Alexander Crowe, 25, Cherokee – Possess stolen property.

Dallas Lyle Dempsey, 23, Cullowhee – FTA-reckless driving to endanger, driving while license revoked.

Tori Shey Gunter, 31, Cherokee – FTA-misdemeanor probation violation out of county, resist public officer, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jeremy Lee Gunter, 33, Whittier – Two counts of trespassing; non-support/non-payment of alimony.

Daniel John Harkin, 32, Whittier – Child abuse (non-assaultive); simple physical assault.

Benjamin Scott Hartbarger, 21, Sylva – True bill of indictment-possession of Schedule I CS, possession with the intent to sell and/or distribute Schedule I CS, possess drug paraphernalia, possess heroin, possession with the intent to sell and/or deliver heroin, conspire to possess with the intent to sell and/or deliver heroin.

Hannah Gabrielle Hatton, 20, Cullowhee – FTA for possession of marijuana up to one-half ounce.

Monica Elise Hernandez, 36, Cullowhee – Simple assault; motor vehicle theft; misdemeanor larceny; trespassing.

James Derrick Jenkins, 24, Cherokee – FTA for probation violation.

Joshua Cole Jernigan, 20, Goldsboro – Consume alcohol by 19-/20-year old.

Joseph Terry Lanier, 62, Balsam – Trespassing; attempted larceny.

Mouachi Lee, 29, Spartanburg, South Carolina – Possession of Schedule II CS; parole and probation violations.

Michael Sean Lewis, 50, Sylva – True bill of indictment-habitual felon, maintaining dwelling, possess drug paraphernalia, possession of methamphetamine, possession with the intent to sell and/or deliver methamphetamine; child support.

Anthony Edison Mace, 30, Tuckasegee – FTA-felony probation violation, felony possession of Schedule I CS, two counts of misdemeanor larceny, notice revoke unsupervised probation (fail to pay).

Deborah Zepeda Munoz, 43, Cullowhee – FTA-two counts of DWLR, no insurance, revoked registration

Joshua Briar Nations, 21, Cullowhee – Extradition/fugitive other state.

Krista Crouse Oxendine, 46, Whittier – Possession of drug paraphernalia; possess Schedule II CS; possession with the intent to sell and/or deliver Schedule II CS.

Brooke Lynn Seay, 41, Clyde – Order for arrest for misdemeanor larceny.

Laura Beth Shuttle, 58, Whittier – Simple physical assault; trespassing.

Billy Joe Brady Smith, 23, Cherokee – FTA-violation of court order, unauthorized use of motor vehicle.

Jeffery Keith Smith, 39, Sylva – Interfere with emergency communications; assault on a female.

Edward Dwayne Taylor, 30, Cherokee – FTA-resisting public officer, fail to wear seat belt-front seat, possess drug paraphernalia, possess methamphetamine; true bill of indictment for FTA on a felony.

Samuel Wahnetah, 23, Cherokee – Possess drug paraphernalia; possess methamphetamine.

Randall Francis White, 36, Whittier – Simple non-physical threat upon an officer; resist, obstruct and delay; interfere with emergency communications; assault on a female.

William Jason Woodard, 34, Sylva – FTA for resisting public officer.