The following persons were arrested by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office between Jan. 27 and Feb. 9.

Cornelious Ashe, 28, Sylva, failure to appear: driving while license revoked not impaired and fictitious registration.

Crystal Marie Bell, 29, Waynesville, DWLR, possession of drug paraphernalia, maintain a vehicle to keep opiates, trafficking opium.

Charles Robert Bumgarner, 30, Whittier, second degree trespass.

Juliane Bump, 54, Cullowhee, DWLR not impaired, simple possess schedule III, simple possess schedule II.

Alea Lynn Burke, 21, Asheville, FTA: DWLR.

Charles Marty Cathey, 51, Whittier, communicating threats.

William Joseph Conner, 29, Sylva, simple possess controlled substance, felony possession schedule II controlled substance.

Aimee Suzette Cook, 41, Sylva, FTA: cyberstalking.

Thomas Michael Detolve, 53, Tuckasegee, conspire to commit felony larceny, possession of stolen motor vehicle.

Dustin Scott Dillard, 39, Sylva, possess drug paraphernalia, possess methamphetamine.

Donald Lee Dowdle, 41, Highlands, no operator’s license, possession of marijuana paraphernalia, simple possession of schedule IV controlled substance, simple possession of schedule VI controlled substance, possess drug paraphernalia, maintain vehicle for controlled substance, possess with intent to deliver controlled substance, possession of schedule II controlled substance.

Rosalinda Garcia, 42, Cullowhee, FTA: expired/no inspection, no operator’s license.

Natasha Megan Golden, 23, Sylva, possess cocaine, possess drug paraphernalia.

Kenneth David Groat, 38, Grand Blanc, Michigan, statutory rape of a child less than or equal to 15 years of age.

Abundio Hernandez-Yanez, 41, Sylva, resist police officer.

Hannah Mikayla Hilton, 21, Sylva, order for arrest: misdemeanor probation violation, felony probation violation, possess drug paraphernalia, simple possess schedule IV controlled substance, possess methamphetamine.

Ernestine Raberta Hornbuckle, 26, Cherokee, FTA: possess drug paraphernalia, possess heroin, possess with intent to manufacture/sell/deliver heroin.

Justin Ryan Huskey, 32, Whittier, rear lamp violation, DWLR, possess stolen goods.

Tiffany Kaitlyn Johnson, 23, Cherokee, FTA: possess marijuana paraphernalia, possess marijuana paraphernalia up to ½ oz, felony probation violation, possess drug paraphernalia, possess methamphetamine, possess drug paraphernalia, possess stolen goods/property, misdemeanor larceny, felony probation out of county.

Tony Ray Johnson, 19, Whittier, tattooing a person under 18, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

Rachel Annaleah Jones, 28, Cullowhee, assault with a deadly weapon, AWDW inflicting serious injury.

Birda Francine Lambert, 33, Cherokee, FTA: DWLR.

Michael Lee Kelley, 58, Franklin, possess drug paraphernalia, possess methamphetamine, PWIMSD methamphetamine, simple possess schedule II, PWIMSD schedule II, PWIMSD marijuana, maintain vehicle/dwelling/place, trafficking methamphetamine.

Keith Alton Lenart, 38, Clarksville, Tennessee, warrant for arrest: fleet to elude arrest with motor vehicle.

April Lea Lespier, 37, Cherokee, FTA: first-degree trespassing.

Walker Joseph Lipp, 28, Sapphire, misdemeanor larceny, assault on a female.

Aaron Joseph Livingston, 49, Whittier, FTA: driving while impaired, use foreign license while license revoked, unsafe tires, DWLR, resisting public officer, aggressive driving.

Ryan Francis Mangold, 26, Cullowhee, FTA: possess drug paraphernalia, possess methamphetamine, felony possession of marijuana, false report to police station, defrauding an innkeeper, injury to personal property, possess stolen goods/property, simple possess schedule IV, FTA: possess marijuana paraphernalia, trespassing, DWLR.

Brionna McKenzie Masters, 18, Sylva, possess marijuana paraphernalia, felony possess marijuana.

MacKenzie Lee Mathis, 28, Whittier, FTA: obtain property by false pretense, misdemeanor larceny, appear/possess stolen goods.

Frank Joseph McCoy, 26, Cherokee, trafficking opium or heroin possession, resisting public officer, possess drug paraphernalia, felony possess schedule I, maintain vehicle/dwelling/place, trafficking opium or heroin transport.

Michael Kevin Monteith, 58, Sylva, child support purge, FTA: probation violation, possession with intent to manufacture, sell and distribute schedule II.

Marie Jean Moore, 37, Sylva, child support purge.

Heather Nicole Moose, 30, Brevard, FTA: school attendance law violation.

Tamatha Bradley Morris, 52, Brevard, FTA: possess drug paraphernalia, possess methamphetamine.

Faith Haley Mull, 19, Sylva, FTA: possess marijuana up to ½ oz, larceny after breaking and entering, breaking and/or entering, possess stolen motor vehicle, larceny of motor vehicle.

Adrian Ledezma Ontiveros, 26, Sylva, true bill of indictment: possess methamphetamine, true bill of indictment, possess drug paraphernalia.

Billy Joe Riddle, 38, Clyde, true bill: communicating threats, true bill: assault on a female.

Fredrick Henry Riley, 41, Sylva, FTA: possess drug paraphernalia.

Timothy Neil Rushing, 43, Cashiers, failure to secure passenger under 16 years of age, DWLR.

Daniel Mitchell Shelton, 31, Sylva, reckless driving, hit and run property damage, obtain property by false pretenses, insurance fraud.

Gregory Lilias Smith, 29, Cherokee, FTA: driving while impaired.

Heather Nicole Steele, 26, Sylva, possess marijuana paraphernalia, possess marijuana greater than ½ oz.

Timothy Jordan Stephens, 26, Sylva, FTA: DWI.

Eric Lee Vaughn, 29, Sylva, violation of court order, domestic criminal trespass.

Jason Adam Watty, 42, Cherokee, no liability insurance, failure to register motorcycle, possess drug paraphernalia, failure to burn motorcycle headlamp, no motorcycle endorsement, possess methamphetamine.

James Tyler Whitmire, 31, Sylva, injury to personal property.

Jordan Rae Wolfe, 25, Cherokee, FTA: probation violation.

Jessica Renee Yates, 38, Sylva, simple possess schedule II, PWIMSD schedule II, possess marijuana paraphernalia, simple possess schedule VI, PWIMSD marijuana, maintain vehicle/dwelling/place, felony possess schedule I, possess drug paraphernalia, possess methamphetamine, PWIMSD methamphetamine.