While most court matters are on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a few cases are being heard, primarily to reduce the inmate population at the Jackson County Detention Center.

Two defendants had cases heard last week. One was May 27 in District Court, with Judge Roy Wijewickrama presiding. The other was May 28 in Superior Court, with Judge Brad Letts presiding.

Information is obtained from records on file with the Jackson County Clerk of Court office.

District Court

Steven Dale Eplin, 39, of Mount Holly, pleaded guilty to communicating threats and second-degree trespass. He received a sentence of 120 days suspended for 24 months and was placed on unsupervised probation on condition he obtain substance abuse assessment and have no contact with and not be on the premises of the victims. He was given credit for 22 days served.

Superior Court

Evan Gregory Mashburn, 25, of Topton, pleaded guilty to attempted traffick in methamphetamine and breaking and/or entering. He received a sentence of not less than 11 nor more than 23 months and was given credit for 94 days served. He was ordered to pay costs and make restitution of $700. Substance abuse treatment, psychiatric and/or psychological counseling, work release, and the DART and RSAT programs were recommended.